At the moment I am focused on developing a concept of “mental sustainability“. How do we regain inner and outer spaces for allowing the soul to thrive? In an era of still more dominant digital media occupying every minute of our lives by means of inane weapons of mass distraction, it is more important than ever to insist on creating spaces for other discourses than those of the binary logic controlling public life at the moment.

The aim of my art is to touch and move the soul – so that you recognize or remember that you have one – that others do too – and that these souls can connect and interact in any number of amazing ways that you often forget in the rapid flow of everyday life.

My focus is on creating passages and pathways to open the vaults of the soul and gain access to the vast mythic and existential realms that we all contain, whether we are aware of it or not.

I want to create spaces that pull forward the forces of spirit that are channeled by certain objects, locations, characters and stories, because the meeting with these forces can help others to meet with their own soul and allow for transformation.

It is a constant process of investigation. An endless attempt to capture the unattainable, the unapproachable – that which cannot be captured.

A quest to make the invisible visible.

By balancing the edge between the concrete and the symbolic/metaphoric I would like to invite audiences to enter and explore their inner landscapes. To overcome fear, cross the borders and allow yourself to wander and ponder the terrains vagues of your soul. The in-between spaces that have not been colonized by neither reason nor emotion.

To me working with art is a constant lifting up of oneself in order to catch a glimpse of – and hopefully comprehend – the labyrinths in which one has so far been trapped.  A means of coming to terms with the strengths and limitations of ones recent system of thought. And thereby effectuating a possible escape. Which will only last until the new system proves insufficient and lacking in perspective, dimensions or whatever comes into focus.

The process will  never stop. Basically it is a matter of mental sustainability.

And it seems always new ways of expression will best facilitate the take-off.

In this constant transit from system to system, I suppose that a fascination with borders can come as no surprise. And accordingly Borderline Objects – in every sense – are the obvious results. Mixedmedia, intermedia, crossmedia.


I like the way Joseph Campbell puts it :

Creative artists … are mankind’s wakeners to recollection: summoners of our outward mind to conscious contact with ourselves, not as participants in this or that morsel of history, but as spirit, in the consciousness of being. Their task, therefore, is to communicate directly from one inward world to another, in such a way that an actual shock of experience will have been rendered: not a mere statement for the information or persuasion of a brain, but an effective communication across the void of space and time from one center of consciousness to another.”  Joseph Campbell, The Masks of God, Volume IV: Creative Mythology