The Excursion

/ Udflugten

One act play  – 1991


The action takes place in southern Germany on the afternoon of november 20. 1811. On the very same day the german romantic playwright Heinrich von Kleist and Henriette Vogel prepared a lunch basket, went to the other side of Kleine Wannsee, found a beautiful vantage point and drank their coffee with rum, after which Kleist shot Henriette Vogel and then himself – presumably after a mutual agreement.



First performance:
The Danish National School of Theatre – (Statens Teaterskole) 1991

1h and 30m

1 woman, 2 men


”The Excursion” being my first play turned out not very dramatic. It was created in close cooperation with my sister who was also directing it. We were both very fascinated by the German Romantic period at the time, which shows very clearly in the play. But still there is something quite charming about this rather silent, pensive and poetic play, that I believe could actually work alright on a stage again.

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