– excursions between form and formlessness

How to Capture the Moment

How to Capture the Moment











For a while now I’ve been exploring another field of in-between-ness (connected to the themes in my poetic work “Mellemtingenes Orden“). It started out as a curiosity about natural obejcts that happen to look like they were crafted by a conscious mind. And cultural objects, manmade stuff, which has been surrendered to the vicissitudes of natural forces.

Lately I’ve been more specifically exploring ways to recapture the soul… ways to create re-enchantment in an era of mental drainage. I am working on a series of Totems for the 21st Century

Like much of my earlier art these pieces are curious about objects decayed by wind – water – sun – rot – animals – insects – fire – pressure. Or simply time.

The beauty and fascination of objects in the Terrain Vague between nature and culture.



Please browse the series of Borderline Objects – or check out the online version of the book I made of them “Borderline Objects”:

See a list of recent exhibitions.

If you are interested in buying any of the objects, feel free to send me a mail. Or go to kunstnernes.com to buy an object.

If you want to buy the book “Borderline Objects” it is presently available in Kihoskh on Sønder Boulevard in Copenhagen.












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