Totems for the 21st century

“It must be possible to make a place for the divinities again, provided that we modify the space in which they might be deployed. To do this, we have to redefine the shapes and voids that the notion of belief has drawn. Critical thought worked, if you will, as a gigantic suction and force pump. On the pretext that we help to fabricate the beings in which we believe, it emptied out all the fairy-objects, expelling them from the real world in order to transform them one by one into fantasies, images or ideas. Critical thought drained space, creating emptiness. Conversely, on the pretext that fact-objects appear to exist without us once they have been worked over in the laboratory, critical thought lined up facts in tight ranks, forming a continuous, seamless “real world” without holes, without humans. Critical thought filled up space, creating fullness.”

“On the modern cult of the factish gods” Bruno Latour

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